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  1. Photographers for photographers

    2022-06-15 12:10:31 UTC
    It is a strange notion for a lot of photographers to hire other photographers… or is that just me? I’ve started to look at things bigger and recognize it would be great to have a photo with my whole little family without the selfie angle. So, when we travel and…

  2. Toronto Based Photographer - Road Trip Planning

    2022-06-10 12:09:15 UTC
    Packing for a road trip to cover off a much needed vacation – travelling with wife and 3 year old daughter, combined with professional photography needs all in a VW GTI… will this be possible with no roof rack? I think so yes, the biggest thing in packing (learned from…

  3. GTA Photographer - Revamp & Reset

    2022-05-25 12:46:30 UTC
    For months, like everyone around the globe we’ve been dealing with the pandemic and what life looks like currently–old news. During this time REN has been incredibly busy in the day-to-day and hasn’t had time to really decompress and truly deal with life. Running after a rambunctious 3-year-old, keeping work…

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