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  1. Toronto Photographer - Studio Photography Fun

    2023-04-23 17:30:09 UTC
    Studio photography can be an excellent way to explore your creative side and experiment with different styles, lighting setups, and compositions. With the controlled environment of a studio, you have the freedom to experiment and push boundaries, creating edgy and unique images that capture your imagination If you’re looking to…

  2. Backpacking packing

    2022-12-23 19:34:21 UTC
    As I continue to plan a trip focused on street photography back to Japan with some friends it is a good time to think about packing tips. Packing light is essential for backpacking travel. It allows you to move more freely and easily, and it also helps you save money…

  3. Black and White - the Timeless Art of Photography

    2022-12-16 14:06:51 UTC
    Black and white photography is a timeless art form that has captivated photographers and audiences for centuries. While color photography has become the norm in modern times, black and white imagery still holds a special place in the hearts of many One of the main benefits of black and white…

  4. Getting on the Street

    2022-12-15 14:01:20 UTC
    Street photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing candid and unplanned moments in public places. It is often characterized by its use of natural light and the ability to capture a sense of the everyday life of people on the streets. Street photography has a long and…

  5. Photographers for photographers

    2022-06-15 12:10:31 UTC
    It is a strange notion for a lot of photographers to hire other photographers… or is that just me? I’ve started to look at things bigger and recognize it would be great to have a photo with my whole little family without the selfie angle. So, when we travel and…

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