Q: How much should I charge for a portrait photography session? 

A: As a veteran photographer in the GTA, I've seen a wide range of pricing for portrait sessions. The cost can vary based on the photographer's experience, the duration of the session, location, and any additional services or products included. On average, for a 1-hour session, photographers in the GTA might charge anywhere from CAD $150 to CAD $500 or more. It's essential to factor in your experience, costs, and the market demand when setting your rates.

Q: How much do portraits usually cost? 

A: The cost of individual portraits can vary based on the package chosen by the client, the type of print or digital product, and any additional retouching or editing services. Typically, digital files might range from CAD $20 to CAD $100 each, while prints can start at CAD $10 for smaller sizes and go up to several hundred dollars for large, framed, or specialty prints. Many photographers also offer packages that bundle several images at a discounted rate.

Q: Who are the best portrait photographers in the GTA? 

A: The GTA is home to many talented portrait photographers, each with their unique style and approach. However, the "best" photographer is subjective and depends on the specific needs and tastes of the client. It's always a good idea to review portfolios, read client testimonials, and meet with potential photographers to find the best fit for your needs.

Q: How many pictures should be expected from a 1-hour shoot? 

A: The number of pictures from a 1-hour shoot can vary based on the photographer's style, the client's requirements, and the nature of the session. On average, from a 1-hour portrait session, you might expect to receive anywhere from 50 to 200 shots. However, it's essential to note that the focus should be on quality over quantity. After culling and editing, a photographer might present anywhere from 20 to 50 final, high-quality images for the client to choose from.

Remember, every photographer has their unique approach, and it's essential to communicate openly with clients to set clear expectations and ensure satisfaction.

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