GTA Photographer - Revamp & Reset

For months, like everyone around the globe we’ve been dealing with the pandemic and what life looks like currently–old news. During this time REN has been incredibly busy in the day-to-day and hasn’t had time to really decompress and truly deal with life. Running after a rambunctious 3-year-old, keeping work on the upside and just trying to deal with isolation results in a revamp and reset of the website. 

For years, we’ve looked at my site and the backbone and it has been good. Squarespace is a wonderful platform, but about a year ago I stumbled on FORMAT - just after a renewal of the Squarespace platform… so, we waited.  Now, the migration and change is happening and although there is a bit of a learning curve, I’m getting there. We’re revamping and refocusing the content to People, Places & Things… hopefully we get out to make new images with people soon as we’re still cautious on our social world.

Why the change from what we see as one of the most popular CMS systems/hosts etc to a lesser known option? Just for that reason - more options. Format has some great options for operating a business that Squarespace just didn’t offer - although it catered to a lot, it was a lot of add-on costs or partner programs to work in the way we wanted to work. Throughout the pandemic one things we’ve tried to do is simplify and the migration to Format allows us to do just that.

So, what’s next as we build the new site and start populating some content? We hope to be making some great new images with people and a few new places more often. If you’re interested in a session, drop us a note and discuss what you’d like to make with us… we’re game for anything.



Using Format