Slow Down and Make Fewer Errors


Today everyone is in a rush, and I'm no different. Especially after a long day at the office and then having few more hours out with some great people making images... sometimes you just want to get home. In that rush, you may make some errors. That is what happened with me. I rushed and it cost me.

Last week, I had a great day at the office, and then headed out to have a very fun photo session with some great people. It was an awesome day, but the day soon turned to night and I just wanted to get home. The photo session spanned beyond the sunset and turned dark on a beach... a beach where I happened to leave my favourite light modifier... my prized 3' Octa RF by Profoto (the cost of a pretty decent camera). And, of course I didn't realize until I unpacked my car a week later... I was in a rush, and I didn't do my secondary site inspection I typically do with all my sets (plus I didn't have my headlamp I typically keep with me as well - in an effort to go lighter in packing).

So, my lesson learned - slow down, keep to your best practices and always check to see whether you have all your stuff at the end of the session.