Having Fun Making Toronto Portrait Sessions

Underpass Park, Toronto, Ontario - Portrait Session

Underpass Park, Toronto, Ontario - Portrait Session

We've been busy, and we've been having fun making images and setting up portrait sessions in and around Toronto. Most weekends and some evenings have been set aside to work on making more images with great people in the GTA. Did you read that right? YES, making images WITH great people instead of just making images "of" or "for" people. We want to brainstorm and plan out different ideas WITH our clients. That little bit of ownership in the process just gives people that much more to be proud of and want to share the amazing results.

Would you rather "make images with a photographer" or just "have someone take some pictures"? Just saying the two lines should tell you a little bit about the difference in experience and how the collaboration helps make better images. So, the next time you or anyone you know is looking for a fun creative session of making images, ask them do they want something made, or just something taken.