Packing as a Photographer

Photo kidnapped from google because I'm too lazy to make my own

Photo kidnapped from google because I'm too lazy to make my own

The last couple of trips I took were really eye openers in the world of travelling with a camera. There are two types of travel I really do, one is for making images and the other is to relax on holiday. What typically happens is the thought of the needs overlaps and blurs what I really need to take with me for holiday. The norm over the past few trips has been packing too much, taking too much expensive heavy equipment that doesn't get used.

So, this trip I'm quite excited as it is my first real trip to just enjoy with a simple single length lens that will make me move my feet to get the shot I want. No swapping lenses in the midst of crowds, no sore necks/backs lugging a heavy bag around... and no computer to tie me down. All photos and editing will be done with my phone, Fuji X100T & iPad mini. It's going to be one of the best trips because I get to enjoy the experiences more than thinking about making images. 

So, any photographer new to travel, or veteran traveller new to photography, make sure you pack for the trip first and not overpack that gear. Keep it simple (unless you're being paid to make images, then you might need more stuff).



Randy Nicholson