RENimagines collaboration done right

In March 2015, I made a move from Toronto, Ontario to Saint John, NB. From a population of over 5 million in the GTA to under 80k in "SJ". Now, with that drastic change in population comes a drastic change in talent available to hire or work with. I've had a pretty good run at finding local talent and work but my typical resource working through a particular modelling site has basically resulted in no communication from those people I reach out to. 

So, when I find someone who actually wants to work and work on some collaboration efforts I prize that working relationship more than most. There are a lot of photographers in the area, but based on some comments I've heard they use the modelling resource as more of a dating site or an excuse to see a nipple. That is just silly. Treat your models, make-up artists and other collaborators with respect and grow your skills because those working relationships are worth so much more than a failed attempt of a hook-up. 

Be professional and establish a name of someone people want to work with. Essentially, don't be a douche.