RENimagines "Food Photography"... or better yet, Drink Photography in New Brunswick

After a crashed window I'm going to attempt to rewrite this post...

Recently, I was invited into A.C. Sharkey's, a wonderful little pub, in Bristol, New Brunswick to take some images of a few plates of food, the staff and better yet a few drinks. Trying to keep the day pretty simple, I decided to go with simple portable light options (but it still took a few trips in and out from the car to get everything in).

For the staff pics, I used a single bare light bounced off the ceiling. I mounted the light on the boom and pushed it up close to the ceiling at a 45° angle.

AC Sharkeys (1 of 48).jpg

Now along with having to take some staff photos, I needed to do a quick set up for some food and drink photography. I was lucky I could just turn my light for the most part, but I was luckier there was a large window on a cloudy winter day just beside where I was set up. So, I decided to do something different - I turned off and packed away my light in favour of natural lighting.

Now, I did have a few things with me that would play into this decision. I had my "table top" from Elwood's Wood Lab (Saint John, NB) and a white & black foam board to be used as a flag and a reflector. The light coming through the window was a little strong even with it being overcast, so I propped a diffusion panel (Lastolite tai-grip) in the window to soften it a little more. This could easily be done with a $4 frosted shower curtain (which I do have in my toolbox) or anything else that can cut the light.

So, as I prep for another food shoot on Monday morning, I keep in mind that I'm better equipped and knowledgable than the shoot before and will continue to improve with each and every shoot.