The Travel Kit


Time after time I find myself adjusting and changing what I use as a travel kit, and it comes down to the purpose of the travel. Is travel for pleasure with family and friends or is it to produce work? This next bit of travel we’ll be doing is to enjoy it as a family and ring in my wife’s birthday. Our first travel with our daughter and we’re just wanting to get away and enjoy. So, I will not be lugging about tons of gear (except for our daughter) and have instead opted for simplicity.

For capturing moments, it will be split between using my phone camera and a Ricoh GRiii (sized down previous travel choice from a Fuji X100T). I found the Fuji always hunting for focus and was incredibly slow for street work I wanted to do… I have since learned a few tips with it, which speeds it up but it is still significantly bigger than the Ricoh, so it gets left behind this trip.

For all editing and remote work - the iPad Pro 12.9” is my go-to. Not only is it slightly smaller than my Macbook Pro 13” - it is much more reliable and is faster as well (come on Apple - give credit back to those who bought your poorly design Macbook Pros). All editing work can be done quite simply in Lightroom and using the Apple pen is quite awesome.

My wife, she’ll be rocking her Canon G1X Mark iii with transfer to her iPad Pro 10”. Small simple and easy to use is the name of our game this trip. To follow along check out my “On the Street” galleries found under personal work.



Randy Nicholson