The laugh for help... my thoughts

Depression Series Concept from 2014

Depression Series Concept from 2014

This opinion may not be of popular belief or even liked, but it is an opinion formed by someone who suffers and deals with depression on a daily basis in his own way. Some days are good, some days are quite the opposite. The topic hits home on so many levels, having both nearly lost and lost those people I consider dear to me whether friends or family.

The sudden loss of people due to their suicides caused by their personal battle with depression sparks the social media posts of people saying, I'm here if they only had someone to talk with, or needing more awareness around the topic of depression. I call bullshit on all of it. 

If we wanted to talk, we are generally very good at talking and making people see how great things are – the laugh of help. The thing about talking with someone about issues is that by human nature the people who are supposed to be there aren't really listening. No, they're thinking in their head how can I fix this... giving suggestions or ideas on how to solve someone's problem. You're not listening to the issues, if you had to repeat what someone said, would you be able to? Likely not, because you're wanting to help and find a solution... sometimes, it is best to get over yourself, let your selfishness of wanting to help go, and just genuinely listen.

Depression is found on several levels, and people deal with it in their own ways, and sometimes that means taking their lives for their own reasons and as crappy as it sounds - that is their choice. We all need to find our own ways to deal, and some people just can't... I get it. I truly understand where their minds are at, it is a dark and lonely spot. I don’t deal with my issues through medications or using various substances, or even by talking to people – that would mess them up more than me I’m sure (especially if they were genuinely listening). No, I find my own way of dealing is to create… creative problem solving an issue at work, creating some new artwork, or even creating this post on the blog. Doing something other than doing nothing is my way of getting through. The others will have to find their way. Those who couldn’t find their way, you’re missed dearly, but I understand.

So, for those who truly care, listen to the laughs as much as the cries and listen without offering advice. To those who suffer listen to yourself when you think there may be something wrong–seek help if you choose or try to find that tiny spark within to keep you going if you don’t. 

Randy Nicholson