Finding or Forcing Inspiration - GOYA Projects


I'm a huge fan of Zack Arias - his approach, his style and just the guy in general is straight up cool. I have yet to meet him in person, but just as a public figure making images - HUGE inspiration. He's just the kind of guy who would be real with you no matter, and part of that being real is saying it like it is when you're trying to improve or even just get motivated to do a GOYA project (GET OFF YOUR ASS). Which is what I've been trying to do lately.

I've been having a huge focus on black & white lately - getting back to my roots of learning in high-school and college and just having fun with it. Forcing myself out of my comfort level by dealing with various people and investing in my own shoots to make them happen. Learning by doing is what I've done in the graphic world since college and it is certainly my way of learning.

My day-to-day is awesome and I love it for entirely different reasons, but as a mental break from the 9-5 I need to find other inspiration and other outlets in a city that is always in a rush to get nowhere. So, jumping in and making myself do things - making myself be creative - making myself work with people with potentially different ideas - it is all part of forcing myself to find my creativity and see how the environment in general can spark some inspiration.

So, thank you Zack, although you'll likely never see this - thank you for the inspiration, the blunt words to the world and the spark of motivation to GOMA (get off my arse).