Going beyond social broadcasting to social awareness

In the next year, I hope to make myself even busier than before - on work, projects, living life, growing my life with my wife and more. Part of that growth is starting to work in projects that give back to the communities in hopefully a bigger way. This year is a collaboration year to work with cool people wanting to do cool things. 


Recently I was approached through one of the social platforms I've been working on in a broadcast way, and it threw me off a bit because I don't have a huge following. I hope I have an engaged following before the numbers... It was cool, flattering, and just great meeting someone who liked my work and who also had great ideas and plans for the coming year – plans and ideas which align very well with mine.

So, today is the kick off day of planning some of that activity, and I can't wait to see where it goes. Start small, push ourselves to do something pretty cool and work within the communities to build something extra snazzy.

Randy Nicholson