Ongoing question - "What does your wife think?"

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Recently I've been asked a fair amount, "What does your wife think?" of me making the images of the  attractive people (mostly the attractive ladies wearing little if that). Well, I've asked her, and I know if she had a real problem then she'd tell me. We do have the ability to have grown-up conversations - since you know we are grown-ups. 

But, I think these people are really asking, 'how does your wife trust you?' That is the core of it, because why else would they question. Would they not be able to control themselves in the same situation? Would they not want to be able to trust their partner enough to either make images or have images made? The thing is, I give her absolutely no reason NOT to trust me. If she were to ask all the people I've worked with, I'm confident they'd be able to say I have nothing but respect for them and just want to make great images... nothing more. Whether they are fully clothed or wearing just a smile, it is about the image and making sure we make it the best we can in that situation. I will not be now, nor will I ever be, one of the people in the news more and more taking advantage of a situation of "power". Not only do I respect my marriage and love my wife more than a quick bit of time of inappropriateness would give, but I respect myself and my name of being a professional.

In the end it is simple; I make images of a lot of different things. My wife is more than welcome to be with me (I could certainly use the help in set ups and carrying things - she's done it before) and see how I make images with people if she chooses. 

So, if you need to ask, ask yourself first... why would you not trust yourself or your partner to make images? I trust myself quite easily to be a professional.