Trade shows and toss away marketing

Look at everyone else is doing and do the opposite

Look at everyone else is doing and do the opposite

The topic of trade shows has been coming up often lately as we head near spring, and my question is "Why are people still burdening people with toss away marketing?" Let's print out flyers, brochures and all this extra trash people don't want to lug through a show. That stuff gets heavy as it piles up and it is so much unnecessary waste when it ends up in the trash unread. There just has to be a better way.

Thankfully, there certainly is a better way. Most trade shows for trades people have scan badges and consumers will gladly give their information over for valuable information or exclusive offers. On the day, don't burden them with trash but instead start building the relationship. Take the time and see whether you have a solution to their problem.

Now, after you wrap up the day at the show. Send all the information you collected either back to an associate at the office to start personalizing info packages to be shipped or electronically delivered (pending preference) directly to the new client. This gives the relationship you took the time to start building at the show an extra nudge in the right direction.

So, to summarize "stop burdening the people you want to spend money with you."