RENimagines Cheap Eats Continued... Again...

I never really set out to be a food photographer, but looking at the whole entirety of it lately it just makes sense. I love to cook, and I love to make images. This has grown into more and more images being made of my meals–meals made with the idea of cheap eats. People seem to be really enjoying what I've been making and sharing, so I'll likely continue (but if any Saint John, NB area chefs would like to team up - drop me a note).

Cheap eats qualification means a food cost per serving of under $5 at the time of purchase. This tasks me to do more deal shopping and and using ingredients to their fullest. I wanted to show the variety of healthy foods you can cook and make at home with loads of flavour instead of ordering pizza or hitting a fast-food joint (don't get me wrong, sometimes those are great but shouldn't be a staple).

Not So Cheap Eats is anything above the $5 mark. These meals aren't common in my cooking lately, but sometimes I just need something different and with a better food budget, it allows me to try different things or spoil myself a little now-and-then.