New year - new cameras and getting them off auto


It must be the new year and the result of a slew of new cameras gifted over the holiday, but I've been asked more advice lately about how to get the cameras off auto... or better yet, I have a nice camera so I must know how to take nice photos. Why spend hundreds or thousands on camera gear if you just stay on auto? Save your money, and luggage space and get a point and shoot. In fact most people with point and shoots don't maximize their camera features either... most settings are adjustable there as well but through a menu instead of fancy and convenient dials. 

This year I'm making it a goal to help people take better images either through group or one-on-one sessions. To get to the heart of how they want to interact with their camera and really determine their needs and wants. The results may be just turning the dial one spot and living there for a while or really digging into other advanced settings while adding or subtracting light from the scene.

Drop me a note if you're interested in learning more and we can start the discussion.

Randy Nicholson