RENimagines Cold March Day in Uptown SJ - Product Photography

Sol Beer Product Photography

It's been almost a year since we made the decision to try SJ... almost a year... wow, that went quickly. Work has been great, and the time I can dedicate to do practise shots of all sorts has been equally enjoyable. The above shot is a composition made on a very cold windy March 5, 2016 in our condo living room. It was a fun one to make and made me long for warmer days.

The composition comes mainly as the background (window and scenery) and the bottle highlights. The surface, limes, "melted ice" and icy beer are a set up in front of a grey background to to work with later to finish the image with a nice snowy storm of a day. I originally thought I'd go for a beach, but then that would be an original thought.