My Style On The East Coast

Fredau at the Drake Hotel

Fredau at the Drake Hotel

Over the next few weeks I'm gathering up my gear and heading east to Saint John, NB. It is a massive change as I've called Toronto home for the past 14 years. In truth, I'll probably still claim to be from Toronto for the first while.

The exciting thing is the ability to work with my photography skills more in a relaxed atmosphere with some very good mentors close by. I look forward to setting up the living room studio, and people looking at me strangely as I lug around lighting gear in the great outdoors. Nothing like Profoto on the beach, middle of a field or lighting up buildings – adding light to almost every situation is my preference. I hope to be able to share the little knowledge and style I have with friends and family while maintaining my approach to people photography.

Although this next bit of time will be challenging on a personal level, I know great things will come from it. 


Randy Nicholson