Building an Idea Through Collaboration & Lessons Learned

Last week I had the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment for a series I'm going to be developing over the winter (or longer if needed). The idea is to portray depression and how people deal with things differently. I won't be showing final concept pieces until I have the series final, but these are a few of the establishing shots. 

It was a great learning experience with guidance and help from a few people. The lighting was done with two strobes with small umbrellas - the lesson learned here was to build in the light. Something I'll be carrying forward for certain.

My 24-70 2.8 did the job in the tight space and I shot wide most of the evening at around F4.5-F6.3 with iso 100 - firing strobes which were in a clamshell set up. Testing and playing in this set to learn for the next series set up. Which I hope to produce over the winter with a goal of 10 finished pieces for the series.



Randy Nicholson