Posting didn't go as planned

Well, I had every intention to post about our travels along the way, but staying in higher end hotels generally means no free wi-fi. It is pretty bad as they nickel-and-dime you and the less expensive and sometimes just as nice hotels welcome you in like family giving you the perks of modern day.

Well, we are back in Canada for almost two weeks and my posting is still lacking. I apologize for any who may read this and want to read my writings. I do have a couple personal projects planned and as soon as I can get out to shoot the first slates I'll start getting things posted. Fall will be perfect for my first idea, and I'm excited to be able to share (hopefully they turn out ok).

This weekend, I think I'll hit the streets again in an effort to work on my street style photography - it won't be my specialty, but it is fun. I hope I can see life as it is on the streets of Toronto as easily as I could see in Europe.



Randy Nicholson